Spring loaded check valve and installation

Spring loaded check valves have a minimum movement pressure that is necessary for overcoming the effects of the spring

Spring loaded check valves are suitable in every situation because they unite the efficiency of the close created by the spring with a versatility of positions and directions during installation. The presence of a spring inside the valve, contrary for example to a swing check valve, does not make it obligatory to consider the effects of gravity to be certain of correct sealing.
There are different spring loaded check valve models, the most requested one being aurora, which is installed with a threaded connection. Made of stainless steel with a precision cast body, and internal parts of AISI 316, it has sealing gaskets that can be supplied in PTFE so that the working temperature can reach up to 180°C.
There is also what is defined as a disc version of the spring loaded check valve, the wafer-type assembly of which is carried out using flanges that hold it in position. Even in this case the closing disc movement is controlled by a spring.
In any spring loaded check valve however, a price must be paid for a safe spring controlled seal: this is the minimum opening pressure which can reach up to 25 mbar.