The world of industrial fittings: characteristics and junctions

The world of industrial fittings, as can also be seen from the Intertubi catalog, is varied and contains a series of products intended for different applications and different types of fluids. In particular, the fluids that can be conveyed inside the systems are: -    Gaseous fluids: these are [...]


Carbon welding nipples: materials, construction and function

Carbon steel welding nipples represent important components within the world of hydraulic fittings. Compared to the carbon couplings, which have a female thread on the internal surface along the entire axis of the component, the carbon welding nipples have a male thread only on one end, while the [...]


The range of eccentric reductions and concentric reductions

The primary attention also for these fittings that may seem standardized is concentrated on some main factors, first of all the manufacturing process which must always be controlled and able to replicate the results, and then the materials that according to the type of application are selected from [...]


Y filters: description and operation

Y filters are important components within a hydraulic system and are easily recognizable thanks to their characteristic "Y" shape from which the name derives. Their role is, as the name itself implies, to filter the fluid present inside a system in order to eliminate impurities, fragments and other [...]


Spring loaded check valve and installation

The spring check valve, which can be found in the Intertubi catalog, certified according to EN 10204 / 2.1, represents an important solution by merging the excellent closing characteristics provided by the spring with high versatility at the time of installation. The main components of [...]


Reduce cavitation and flashing in the globe valves

Globe valves are fundamental components within water systems and allow you to adjust one of the characteristic parameters (pressure or temperature), changing the flow of the fluid that passes through them. The most characteristic aspect of this type of valve is the possibility of having a linear [...]


Geometry and materials of eccentric reductions

What are eccentric reductions? The term "reductions" indicates a type of fitting characterized by different inlet and outlet diameter. This difference in section implies a variation also in the speed of the conducted fluid: in fact, with the same volumetric flow rate, there will be a higher [...]


Steel couplings and sockets

Scrolling through the Intertubi catalog, it is possible to see a section dedicated to couplings and sockets. Both components are threaded and represent an important solution for making connections between pipes with threaded ends. The difference lies in the position and length of the thread [...]


Mechanical or chemical metal pickling

The pickling of the pipes is a surface cleaning treatment aimed at removing oxide layers through the use of acids or with mechanical methods. Generally, this operation is necessary because, during the high temperature processing phases, the components tend to oxidize superficially due to the [...]


OHSAS 18001 certification for health and safety

The acronym OHSAS stands for "Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series" and indicates an English standard for the management of health and safety of workers and aims at corporate self-regulation in these areas. The standard was developed in 1999 and was then expanded and corrected in 2007. [...]

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