Introduction to non-destructive testing

In the metal shaping and welding fields, the metal undergoes two types of strain: temperature and deformation. As a result, non-destructive testing is the best structural testing method to use because it does not damage the manufactured products during testing. Some of the most frequently used [...]


EN 10204 and its correspondence with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

There is a tight correlation between the EN 10204 standard and Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC, which begins from the purely documental section and combines what is indicated in clauses 3 and 4 of the first regulation with addendum 1 section 4.3. The connection lies in the type of [...]


Spring loaded check valve and installation

Spring loaded check valves are suitable in every situation because they unite the efficiency of the close created by the spring with a versatility of positions and directions during installation. The presence of a spring inside the valve, contrary for example to a swing check valve, does not [...]


Measuring absorbed energy with an impact test

The impact test is important for establishing the propensity of metallic materials, in this case to resist the dynamic stress caused by impact. This test is also used to define if these materials are suitable for unions that satisfy the PED directive. During the impact test, the test piece is [...]


We will be at OMC at Ravenna from 29th to 31st March

Since 2001 this exhibition has been a biennial appointment par excellence for the off-shore oil sector, in particular for the Mediterranean basin. Even this year, from 19th to 31st March, OMC 2017 at Ravenna is promising to be a reference point for sector operators because it integrates a true [...]


Swing check valves and the importance of temperature when designing

The main job of the stainless steel swing check valves in the INTERTUBI catalogue is to operate the fluid seal inside the system. The flap, in fact, closes through gravity when the flow inside the piping is interrupted. This is why swing check valves have to be fitted horizontally if possible, [...]


Save the date, an appointment with OMC 2017 at Ravenna

In order to be recognised and to develop our vision of being the market reference point for both stainless steel and carbon fittings and valves, INTERTUBI will be an exhibitor at OMC 2017 at Ravenna, the reference point for research and equipment for offshore activities. OMC 2017 is, in fact, an [...]


EN 10226 threads replace ISO 7, recognised at world level.

During 2004, EN 10226 threads replaced ISO 7 threads, but only by fact as a standard re-edition. The new threads are suitable for creating pressure tight joints. They can, in fact, be found in valves and unions, in particular those products that respect ISO 4144 or EN 10241. In order to seal, [...]


Full flow ball valves for reducing load loss

The range of ball valves sold by INTERTUBI includes a wide variety of products that can be used for any requirement related to industrial  plants. The most sought-after characteristic for a ball valve with threaded or flanged ends is total flow, namely the fact that when open, the internal [...]


Installing Y strainers in systems

Knowing how a Y strainer works is important for installing it correctly in an industrial plant. One of the main components for its operation is gravity, which defines the manner in which it can be fitted. It is, in fact, essential to make sure that the cleaning flange is always turned downwards, [...]

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