Harmonized norms deriving from the PED directive

A whole series of regulations used by the EU member countries has been created from the PED directive.

European Directive 97/23/EC was issued in 2002. Known also as the PED directive, it regulates pressure equipment and assemblies, including steel couplings.
The PED directive led to the emanation of a series of regulations, defined as harmonized, which at a Community level refer to the directive itself and are acknowledged by the member countries.
Producers and designers must adhere to the PED directive when producing and calculating these devices; in addition to the specific characteristics of the material, which we have already mentioned in a previous article, the standardised and certified inspection procedures must also be respected.
A necessary company requirement for the PED directive is the existence of an ISO9001 quality system that has been certified by a competent and recognised institute. In addition, the supply is equipped with a certificate for level 3.1, issued according to Standard EN10204, which certifies the mechanical characteristics of the material as a result of tests carried out on samples from the same cast.