Full flow ball valves for reducing load loss

Threaded or flanged ball valves that can be installed in any system, even if in demanding environments.

The range of ball valves sold by INTERTUBI includes a wide variety of products that can be used for any requirement related to industrial  plants.
The most sought-after characteristic for a ball valve with threaded or flanged ends is total flow, namely the fact that when open, the internal passage is identical to the one inside the pipe that holds the fluid, therefore the loss of load introduced is almost null.
Load losses are the most delicate part to verify in particular if the speed of the fluid, which decreases together with the pressure as other components are added, is important.
 Ball valves, however, are also studied to resist demanding environments, indeed the stainless steel used to make the components and the special seals guarantee operation even at high temperatures.
We also have a wafer version of the ball valve, which is inserted into two flanges that also act as a seal and which are tightened against each other. This solution has a smaller bulk than a normal flanged valve.