The company

Intertubi, a reality that has always specialized in piping, stands out not only for its extremely fast service thanks to the availability of numerous articles from the ready, also available online, but also for the technical expertise acquired thanks to the experience gained in the production of butt weld fittings.

Guaranteed quality

Availability of numerous ready-made items with quality guaranteed by the competence of a manufacturer!

The types of products

The range includes both carbon steel and stainless steel items.

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Stainless steel

Carbon steel

Our philosophy: the three

  • COMPETENCE: Knowledge of materials, reference standards and production processes constitutes the real added value of our service
  • QUALITY CHECK: All our products are checked and tested, guaranteeing their quality without compromise
  • COMPETITIVENESS: Offering the best quality / price ratio is our goal
The work processes
From the selection of the product on the market to certification, passing from internal production in the case of special and customized orders.

Our services

The ancients already said "Plus dat qui cito dat" (Those who give immediately give more) and today this is more relevant than ever ... Intertubi is organized to respond in real time, not only for warehouse availability, which can always be consulted at any time online, but also for any technical information or request for a specific quote.
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