Over the years, our constant growth, our organizational skills and our customer satisfaction have led-us, to focus our investment on three key areas:
Production of stainless steel and carbon steel welding fittings with the addition of avant-garde equipment. Thanks to this efforts the firm has got approvals and Quality certifications:
EN ISO 9001:2008 in the following field of application
“Manufacture of carbon, alloy and stainless fittings dimensional range 1/4“ to 32”.
“Trade and storage of joints, flanges, valves and pipes of all types of materials,ferrous and non-ferrous”.
AD 2000-Merkblatt WO for materials produced and used, which abined by the requirements for Annex I par. 4.3 of the Directive PED 97/23/CE.
Quality Control of the products with reimplementation testing phase
Occupational Safety on modernization and continuous improvement of prevention and protection measures for the protection of workers within the company.

The planning of the warehouse and the production through sophisticated management systems, such as the use of bar codes, allows for the operations of loading and unloading of the goods in real time. It also allows customers to check inventory, place orders and print certificates of product quality on the website.

The up-to-date of the production settings and the stocking criteria allow to:
Greater flexibility in the management, ensuring a wider differentiation of products and materials.
Competitiveness in the production phase in order meet the different needs of the customers to supply material in different steel grades or with special requirements.
Proficiency in managing elaborated orders designed for tender notices, proposals and export sales.

INTERTUBI provide a range of articles for industrial plant engineering in a variety of sectors:
A) Systems with low working pressure and with agents of low to average corrosivity, such as water, purification, textile, tanning, papermaking, food industry, pharmaceutical etc.
B) Systems with high working pressure, and or with highly corrosive agents or with critical conditions in the pressure/temperature ratio, such as oil, chemical, oil-pressure, naval sector.