Weld neck flanges for absorbing stress caused by expansion

According to both the American and the European directives, weld neck flanges are useful for preventing concentrations of stress.

The thickening of the weld neck flanges near the threaded union makes the connection stronger and eliminates a stress concentration point near the flange. This advantage is important in all those systems where expansion is caused by extreme heat differences during operation.
The weld neck flanges available for this type of connection are produced in accordance with two main standards: one is American standard ASME B16.5, the other is European standard EN1092. In both cases the parts are produced starting from forged pieces of raw material and are then processed on machine tools.
Head to head type welding is used to weld the weld neck flanges, and for this reason each part is supplied with its ends already prepared with a bevel, to reduce operations and the relative union preparation costs to a minimum.
As with every item sold by INTERTUBI, the weld neck flanges are supplied with a certificate issued according to the EN 10204 directive, and are usually type 2.1. Higher class certificates can be issued If specifically requested by the client.